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Support Woodsworth College’s renovation and expansion

A new Academic Building at Woodsworth College will dramatically enhance the student experience and strengthen a proud tradition of making higher education accessible to all.

An artist’s illustration shows a building with overhanging upper floors. Transparent walls are covered with vertical slats.

Student experience at U of T is more than just academics. To reach their full potential, students need space for club activities, informal study groups, and socializing. They also need access to services such as academic and financial counselling and career mentorship.

As one of U of T’s largest colleges by population but one of its smallest in terms of physical footprint, Woodsworth faces significant challenges in its ability to provide effective, accessible services to its students.

The Woodsworth College renovation and expansion project will be a major step forward in our mission to provide excellent services to support our entire student population.

Carol Chin, Principal, Woodsworth College

Among U of T’s seven colleges, Woodsworth is known for its emphasis on access programs that enable students from diverse backgrounds to attend university. Helping all students succeed has always been an essential part of Woodsworth’s DNA.

A renovation and expansion will enhance everything that makes Woodworth such a welcoming place. A six-storey building will offer dedicated areas for events, socializing, and study as well as new classrooms and Woodsworth’s first library. With services centralized in a fully accessible building, students will find it much easier to get help with academic, finances, or personal issues.

Your support for Woodsworth College will enable U of T to help students of all backgrounds thrive and emerge as the well-rounded leaders we need to face future challenges.

To learn more about how you can help shape the student experience at Woodsworth College, please contact the Executive Director of Advancement, Alumni & Communications at Woodsworth College.