Featured Initiative

Support a new sustainable building at Trinity College

The Lawson Centre for Sustainability transforms a new student building into a model for a healthier way of living.

Universities are ideally suited to lead the way on living with climate change. They are effectively small cities with highly educated populations, expertise in sustainability and related disciplines, and extensive infrastructure and real estate typically located in urban centres. To better harness these assets, we need a dedicated facility that integrates sustainability research with the realities of daily living.

The Lawson Centre for Sustainability at Trinity College will enable the University of Toronto to leverage its unique strengths to generate ideas, practices, and technology that promote sustainability. Supported by a generous gift in 2019 from Brian and Joannah Lawson, the Lawson Centre transforms a new building of residence beds, classrooms, and common areas into something even more ambitious: an innovative model of how to integrate sustainability into every facet of living and learning. Its leading-edge contemporary design will complement Trinity’s historic buildings and feature wood-beam construction, geothermal heating, an expansive rooftop garden, solar power, and more to help build a stronger, healthier community.

Your support for the Lawson Centre for Sustainability will help U of T and Trinity College rejuvenate and enhance the college’s beloved campus with much-needed residence, teaching, and student space. This inspiring environment will lead the way to healthier, more sustainable ways of living for all of us.

To learn more about how you can help build a more sustainable future through the Lawson Centre for Sustainability, please contact the Associate Director of Philanthropy at Trinity College.