A person stands in the entrance of a huge cave, looking out. The cave ceiling is made of ice with light reflecting through.
A close-up image of lung cancer shows masses of irregular oval cells clustered beside swirls of long, thin cells.
In a darkened lab, two men look up at a tank, where an airplane-shaped object leaves bright, turbulent vapour trails.
A view from inside the CHIME telescope, showing a grid-like metal floor curving upward. Overhead, the sky is full of stars.
A woman reaches out to an enormous curved viewing screen in a dark room. The screen shows a mountain valley with a glacier.
On a tabletop holding scrolls, papers and a laptop, 2 young women unroll and measure an ink drawing of windswept trees.
Defy Gravity Logo

Together, we can rise to any challenge

We see the unknown as an invitation. Setbacks as motivation to push forward. Join us for the most ambitious campaign in Canadian history.
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In a world searching for positive change, we have a rare opportunity to rebuild in a more inclusive and responsible way.

Deeply rooted in one of the world’s most diverse city regions, U of T brings a comprehensive approach to solving complex social, economic and health issues at scale. Our unrivalled commitment to excellence, inclusion and removing barriers to higher education opens up worlds of opportunity for students.

Defy Gravity: The Campaign for the University of Toronto will harness the power of our global community, including 680,000 alumni, 95,000 students, and 23,000 faculty and staff to fuel this vital work.

Together, we defy gravity

When the University of Toronto and its supporters rally together, we can achieve incredible things.

By peering into a life unlike your own, you can sympathize with others in an intimate way. The arts and humanities can be powerful catalysts for social change.

Yazmeen Kanji

BA 2020 INNIS, Cinema Studies

Two people look on in awe at a wall-sized screen that displays a mountain view.
Two violinists play in an orchestra. Their faces are lit up by tiny lights on their music stands.
Miyopin Cheechoo dances, wearing traditional Indigenous regalia with moccasins, fringed shawl and a feather in her headband.

I believe that done ethically and equitably, energy can help to develop nations and lift people out of poverty.

Kelenna Amadi

Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering

Wind turbines scattered across the prairie are silhouetted against a sunny sky.

Our campaign has two ambitious goals to meet today’s challenges

A drawing of stylized male and female figures standing in a group. Image represents U of T’s alumni engagement goal.

For the first time in U of T history, the campaign will include a goal for alumni engagement: to inspire 225,000 alumni to get involved as volunteers, mentors, donors, participants and leaders and encourage them to contribute their time and talent to the university one million times collectively.

A drawing of three raised hands. Image represents U of T’s fundraising goal.

The campaign will also seek to raise $4 billion for the university’s highest priorities, a goal commensurate with our excellence, the breadth of our aspirations, the global footprint of our faculty, students, alumni, and donors, and our potential for life-changing impact.

Explore how we’re addressing the most urgent issues of our time

Students conducting a simulated research project.
Fuel the future of Black-led research and scholarship

The Black Research Network is forging connections, amplifying world-changing research and sparking interdisciplinary collaborations between Black scholars.

A woman wears a lab coat, gloves, goggles and a hijab. She decants a clear liquid while standing at a bench full of beakers.
Transform drug discovery to reduce suffering

The Centre for Medicinal Chemistry has made significant breakthroughs in redefining the methods and economics of drug discovery.

A person wearing protective gloves adjusts a fastening on a solar panel.
Create high-impact clean energy solutions

The Climate Positive Energy Initiative unites world-leading scholars with industry, community and government to develop tools that can prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

A toddler peers into a virtual reality headset strapped to her head. She is in a room lit with blue light.
Translate Big Data into real-world solutions

The Data Sciences Institute draws actionable and ethical insights from the vast amounts of information collected around the world.

An artist’s drawing of a two-storey, oval building with glass walls on one end. It sits in a garden of birch trees.
Build a cultural space for Indigenous students

Indigenous House at U of T Scarborough will help foster a sense of belonging and connection with rich programming and gathering spaces.

A close-up on the hands of two people, clasped together across a table.
Propel collaborative research that supports student mental health

The Student & Youth Mental Health Research Initiative is working with students to ensure they have the support they need to realize their potential—in academia and beyond.

Ways to participate

There are many ways to participate in the Defy Gravity campaign. Donate to an initiative that resonates with you, share your expertise or story, or connect with our diverse and vibrant global community of more than 680,000 alumni and friends.

An image of 2 young women looking at a robotic arm: the image is next to the mentorship opportunities link.
Help students
reach their full potential

When you share your time and expertise, you help prepare the next generation of leaders. Make a difference to our students—and to yourself!

An image of the audience in a lecture theatre, laughing: the image is next to the alumni events link.
Learn and network
at alumni events

Our lively events roster connects U of T alumni to fascinating people and ideas around the world. Learn the bold questions we’re asking. Become part of the conversation.

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Tell us about a U of T professor, scholarship or experience that has helped you grow—or share how participating in the U of T community is meaningful to you today.