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Create a sustainable future

The science is clear: the earth is warming at an accelerating pace, and we only have a short window to prevent catastrophic climate change. You can help us take bold action towards a more sustainable outcome.

The evidence of the climate crisis is now incontrovertible: blistering heat waves, raging forest fires, once-in-a-century floods, rising sea levels, melting permafrost, and species extinction. While humanity will have to adapt to a hotter future, we still have time to stave off the gravest threats of climate change. To do so, we must rapidly decarbonize our economies by shifting away from fossil fuels and removing massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. We will also need to do everything we can to make our infrastructure and ecosystems more resilient.  

As a global leader in sustainability research and education, the University of Toronto is already playing a vital role in providing solutions for climate change. Across our three campuses, we have more than 550 faculty and thousands of students working on climate and environmental issues. We have deep expertise in clean tech, renewable energy, climate science, natural resource management, environmental law and policy, global health, and global governance. Many of our researchers are working with industry or have launched their own companies to help green the economy.  

The University is also a leader in implementing sustainable practices. Over the past decade, despite major growth, U of T has made significant strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint on all our campuses while providing opportunities for students to be part of this work and become sustainability advocates. 

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. You can help accelerate our efforts towards a more sustainable future by nurturing climate leaders, funding bold research and innovation, and supporting our efforts to make our campuses exemplars of sustainability. 

Join U of T’s efforts to help create a sustainable future

An artist’s illustration shows a 14-storey building with 1 glass face and 1 wooden face, standing next to Varsity Stadium.
Create a model for sustainable buildings

An instantly iconic new hub for students, faculty, and thought leaders, the Academic Wood Tower will set a precedent for sustainability in a prime location.

A person wearing protective gloves adjusts a fastening on a solar panel.
Create high-impact clean energy solutions

The Climate Positive Energy Initiative unites world-leading scholars with industry, community and government to develop tools that can prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

An aerial view of downtown Toronto on a sunny day, showing the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, the harbour and the Toronto islands.
Support healthy and sustainable cities

The School of Cities is creating solutions for more efficient and equitable cities in an increasingly urbanized world.

An artist’s illustration shows a 3-storey building with vegetable gardens and solar panels on its flat rooftop.
Support a new sustainable building at Trinity College

The Lawson Centre for Sustainability transforms a new student building into a model for a healthier way of living.

Help us create a sustainable future:

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