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Power innovation & entrepreneurship

Innovation is the bedrock of social and economic prosperity. Supporting our students and faculty as they translate bold ideas into exciting ventures helps solve problems and improve lives around the world.

The most significant advances our world has known are grounded in innovation—the process of turning new ideas into valuable products, services, or ways of doing things. Thanks to creative thinkers and their passion for change, we have better tools to treat heart disease, fight pandemics, neutralize carbon emissions, improve fairness in our legal systems, and create more equitable and sustainable cities.  

The University of Toronto is Canada’s most innovative university and a recognized leader in developing and commercializing ingenious ideas. Across our three campuses, student entrepreneurs can connect with world-class incubators and accelerators and receive the customized support they need to start, grow, and scale their ventures.  

Societal challenges demand innovation at the intersections of diverse disciplines. At U of T, students and faculty can also collaborate with renowned experts in nearly every conceivable field of study, from artificial intelligence, bioscience, robotics, and quantum computing to economics, history, law, management, sociology, and philosophy.  

Our breadth and depth are a rare asset. Few universities can match our technical expertise and fewer still can rival our ability to engage humanities and social science scholars in the work of ensuring our ideas and inventions are ethical and socially constructive. Our location within one of the world’s most diverse and innovative cities, with a burgeoning technology industry, a world­-class hospital network, and a robust financial services sector, further strengthens U of T’s innovation ecosystem. 

We’re now building on this tremendous foundation to drive the innovation that Canada needs to meet global challenges, improve lives, strengthen communities, and generate prosperity at home and around the world. Your support will help foster an environment that fuels our entrepreneurial drive and unlocks the potential of our most transformative ideas. 

Discover how U of T is powering innovation & entrepreneurship

A machine to treat cancer with intensity-modulated radiation therapy: a flat bed surrounded by rotating equipment.
Engineer a better healthcare system

The Centre for Healthcare Engineering uses data-driven research to improve health system efficiency and enhance patient care across Canada.

The sun glints off metal letters on a glass wall. They spell out: Creative Destruction Lab.
Build a global engine of innovation

Creative Destruction Lab helps emerging science- and tech-based companies translate promising ideas into solutions.

A woman and man in lab coats, gloves and goggles. They are peering at a flask of red liquid that sits on an electronic scale.
Teach the body to repair itself

Medicine by Design is harnessing the game-changing field of regenerative medicine to move health care into the future.

An artist’s illustration of the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre shows a tall glass building with a garden halfway up.
Build a new home for Canadian innovators

The Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus is poised to transform the very heart of AI and bioinnovation in Canada.

A small, smiling boy is strapped into a wheelchair-like device that holds him upright with his feet touching the ground.
Transform ideas into life-changing companies

U of T Entrepreneurship combines diverse disciplines to ignite innovative thinking and create companies that improve lives.

Tall Bay Street skyscrapers loom overhead, with their tops lost in fog.
Improve lives through behavioural insights

Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman ensures that groundbreaking insights and research actually help Canadians.

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