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Transform ideas into life-changing companies

U of T Entrepreneurship combines diverse disciplines to ignite innovative thinking and create companies that improve lives.

A small, smiling boy is strapped into a wheelchair-like device that holds him upright with his feet touching the ground.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have long been the fuel that drives the economy and improves lives. But how do we ensure our most promising ideas become companies that produce services and products that benefit everyone?

The answer is right here at U of T.

The University of Toronto is truly unique in how we combine excellence in education, a diverse and talented student body, and wide-ranging leadership in research to translate cutting-edge discoveries into ventures at the leading edge of their fields. The U of T entrepreneurial community is only set to grow in the years ahead.

Jon French, Director,
University of Toronto Entrepreneurship

With one of the world’s top-ranked networks of accelerators and innovation hubs, U of T is harnessing a critical mass of research leadership in fields ranging from the humanities, tech, AI, engineering, health sciences, and more to provide founders the tools, resources, and expertise to transform clever ideas into companies that change lives. In the past decade, U of T has helped some of the brightest minds in the country create more than 500 companies based on home-grown concepts grounded in world-class research, powering innovation in the Greater Toronto Region.

You can play a part in launching companies that provide affordable energy-solutions for remote communities, low-cost biodegradable textiles, new regenerative medicines, or wearable health-monitoring tech – to mention just a few. Your support will help U of T bring world-class research excellence and exceptional talent together to create a prosperous economy for all.

To learn more about how you can help transform bright ideas into companies that change lives, please contact the Executive Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at the Division of University Advancement.