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Open entirely new frontiers with robotics

The University of Toronto Robotics Institute is merging engineering and computer science to open worlds once beyond our reach.

An image of a robotic hand superimposed on a real hand. It seems as if the robotic structure is inside a ghostly human hand.

Performing surgery on individual cells. Helping vulnerable patients recover from injury or stroke at home. Exploring harsh planetary surfaces. Though often misunderstood, the field of robotics can help us do tasks once thought impossible, whether in scientific research, health, manufacturing, and beyond—work that will create new avenues of discovery and care.

Our belief in the extraordinary promise of robotics is grounded in our focus on collaboration and co-operation. We’re drawing on U of T’s leading strengths across diverse fields to do work that is not only world-leading but is opening up entirely new frontiers that will benefit everyone.

Yu Sun, Director, U of T Robotics Institute

This work is the core mission of the University of Toronto Robotics Institute, the largest and most diverse program of its kind in Canada. The Robotics Institute serves to unite, grow, and catalyze collaborations among the many exceptional robotics research clusters across U of T and the globe, driving inquiry that is in some cases years ahead of its time and blurs the lines across a range of disciplines from engineering to AI to medicine.

Give today to help break revolutionary new ground in this growing field that is developing robots that can aid in assisted living for isolated patients, deliver life-saving drugs to individual cells, and improve lives in countless ways.

To learn more about how you can support robotics for a better world, please contact the Executive Director of Advancement at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.