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Support the future of Indigenous research

The Indigenous Research Network connects people and communities to academic, cultural, and spiritual resources.

Indigenous women and girls wearing ceremonial regalia laugh as they dance, holding hands.

One of the challenges identified in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and the University of Toronto’s response, Wecheehetowin–Answering the Call, is that academic research intended to benefit Indigenous people has lacked sufficient collaboration with Indigenous communities. To address this, Wecheehetowin called for an Academic Advisor on Indigenous Research, whose mandate is to improve and increase capacity and support for Indigenous research at the University.

Participation from our Indigenous academic community, Elders, knowledge keepers, and youth will help us develop programs, policies, and supports to build a research network that meets the needs of Indigenous individuals and groups on campus and in communities.

Suzanne L. Stewart,
Provostial Academic Advisor on Indigenous Research and Director, Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health

A major focus of this mandate is the creation of U of T’s Indigenous Research Network (IRN), an interconnected, multi-campus, collaborative network of scholars and community members involved in Indigenous research at U of T. The IRN will connect people and communities with each other, as well as the academic, cultural, and spiritual resources necessary to carry out community-driven Indigenous research that benefits Indigenous Peoples and lands. The IRN will also examine and transform Indigenous curriculum across disciplines.

Developing a new and comprehensive Indigenous research ethics framework is a top priority for the IRN. This framework will facilitate research involving the full participation of Indigenous communities and their members, including Elders, knowledge keepers, and youth.

Your support will help build this network and initiatives that generate meaningful, community-based Indigenous research, in a way that respects and honours Indigenous cultures and knowledge—past and present.

To learn more about how you can support the Indigenous Research Network at U of T, please contact Institutional Strategic Initiatives Advancement.