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Build a gender-inclusive economy

The Institute for Gender and the Economy brings world-leading research to leaders to help dismantle systemic inequities.

A Black woman wearing an apron and chef's cap works in a busy commercial kitchen.

The COVID-19 crisis has driven an urge to “get back to normal”—but it has become increasingly clear that the old normal isn’t good enough. Gender inequality has been even further exacerbated by the pandemic and continues to prevent millions of people from reaching their full potential: Women of colour are clustered in low-paying essential services, men are constrained by job expectations that discourage care-giving time with their families, and trans and gender non-conforming people are excluded from economic opportunities.

At this pivotal time in our economy and society, we have an amazing opportunity to build a better future—one with a truly inclusive economy that includes people of all genders and intersecting identities. GATE is equipping decision makers with the game-changing guidance and data insights they need to make that happen.

Sarah Kaplan, Director,
Institute for Gender and the Economy

To make a lasting difference in the fight against gender inequality, the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) at the University of Toronto is uncovering myth-busting insights about gender and its intersection with other identities. Part of the renowned Rotman School of Management, GATE taps into a deep bench of world-leading researchers across a broad range of disciplines at U of T and brings their expertise to business, non-profit, and public sector leaders—helping them transform the systems that contribute to inequality.

By supporting GATE, you can help catalyze this rare opportunity to build a new, better “normal” based on true economic and social equality.

To learn more about how you can support world-leading research that will help build an inclusive economy for all, please contact the Director of Development at the Rotman School of Management.