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Propel collaborative research that supports student mental health

Inlight Student Mental Health Research is working with students to ensure they have the support they need to realize their potential—in academia and beyond.

A close-up on the hands of two people, clasped together across a table.

Student anxiety, depression, and suicide attempts have been on the rise at Canadian post-secondary institutions. To address this troubling situation, the University of Toronto has been reimagining the way we provide mental health care by improving access to support and fostering a caring community. But critical evidence is needed to build on these efforts—including the lived experience and expertise of students themselves.

We’re collaborating with postsecondary students in an authentic, meaningful way—and redefining how research can improve their lives.

Kristin Cleverley, Chair, University of Toronto Inlight Student Mental Health Research

Inlight Student Mental Health Research has been collaborating with students to identify gaps in knowledge—and design and evaluate solutions that will improve their lives. The University is one of the world’s top research and teaching institutions, whose partners include the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)—Canada’s largest mental health hospital. Drawing on its partnerships, and the expertise of Canada’s largest student body, U of T has built the foundation for the most comprehensive, accessible, innovative, and scalable model of care and prevention in the country—with Health and Wellness Centres on all three campuses, pathways to care for acute problems, a “stepped care” approach to help those with less-acute needs, and Navi, a chat-based virtual assistant that helps students find support.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done. Your generous gift will catalyze cutting-edge, collaborative research that will help us better understand the conditions that shape student mental health, figure out the best ways to engage students, and more. Help us create the knowledge that will support students as they build healthy, productive lives.

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