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Support Innis College’s renewal and expansion

A three-storey addition will enhance Innis College as a vibrant, friendly community within Canada’s largest university.

People of diverse ages, races and genders laugh together as they stand side by side on a lawn outside Innis College.

University life is about more than academics. It’s where we come into our own as adults, discover passions, build lifelong connections, and prepare for productive futures. At U of T, the college system fosters successful university experiences by offering students smaller communities within the larger campus setting. However, as U of T has grown, so has the demand for the services and unique experiences that each college can offer.

Innis College, one of the smallest and youngest at U of T, has grown from its original complement of 800 students to 2,000 and needs more space. Innis emphasizes hands-on involvement and student leadership and offers services such as mental health counselling and financial and academic advising. The College is also distinguished by three highly respected academic programs and its community outreach, including classes for older adults and events in Innis Town Hall.

This project allows Innis College to do what it does best. But it’s also aspirational, as it imagines the ideal space for delivering services in the most effective, inclusive, and student-friendly way.

Charlie Keil, Principal, Innis College

To ensure we can offer our students the very best university experience and set them up for success, Innis is undertaking a renovation and expansion. The centrepiece is a three-storey addition, which will provide much-needed areas for clubs and committees, high-quality teaching, learning, and study spaces, and dramatic improvements to outdoor areas.

Your support for the Innis College renewal will help enhance this rich collegiate experience that is integral to nurturing well-rounded leaders who will guide our communities in years to come.

To learn more about how you can help enhance this distinct and welcoming academic environment, please contact the Associate Director of Advancement at Innis College.