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Prepare a new kind of leader

The Global Leaders initiative is an innovative undergraduate experience that prepares students to become culturally fluent, empathetic leaders.

A young man and woman smile in front of a sign that reads, in English and Devanagari alphabets, Ministry of Electronics.

Global health crises. Climate change. Systemic racism. We need courageous, principled, inclusive, and empathetic leaders to guide us through the increasingly complex challenges confronting Canadians and the world. That’s why the University of Toronto created the Global Leaders initiative.

Our interconnected world needs culturally fluent leaders, especially as we face challenges like systemic inequality and accelerating climate change. The Global Leaders initiative will introduce students from all across the world to diverse perspectives and experiences that will help them grow into these leaders of tomorrow.

Joseph Wong, Vice-President, International

The initiative will prepare a new kind of leader—one who is ethical, interdisciplinary, experienced, and culturally fluent. It will attract talented students from across Canada and around the world and nurture their leadership skills within U of T’s rich academic and inclusive environment. A diverse community of students will learn and grow through the wide-ranging perspectives they encounter in this unique undergraduate experience.

The initiative’s innovative interdisciplinary curricula, experiential learning opportunities, and global community engagement will help these brilliant students unlock their leadership potential. By supporting Global Leaders, you can help them become the kind of leaders we need in a rapidly changing world.

To learn more about how you can help create courageous and empathetic leaders, please contact the Executive Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at the Division of University Advancement.