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Make law school accessible for everyone

Law Access Bursaries ensure that financial need is not a barrier to fulfilling dreams.

A young Black woman and man smile as they stand at a podium. A sign above them reads: Black Future Lawyers.

U of T law students are often following their passions in social justice, equity, or public service—but getting accepted is just the first hurdle they face. Many prospective students from disadvantaged or racialized backgrounds don’t have the resources to start their first year. At U of T Law, making sure these students can fulfil their dreams is our No. 1 priority.

So many of our students are passionate about careers in environmental law, social justice, and public service. But in order for them to pursue their dreams, we first have to get them here, then support them throughout their studies. Student access bursaries are the best way we can achieve this, and is the number one priority for our law school.

Jutta Brunnée, Dean, Faculty of Law

As part of the University of Toronto’s commitment to ensuring no student admitted to a program should be unable to enter or complete it due to lack of financial means, the Faculty of Law applies an equitable and transparent approach to giving aid, where the students with the greatest financial need receive the most assistance. Receiving aid throughout their degree allows law students to pursue their dreams. For many, those include changing inequitable social structures and systems for the better.

As the need for student financial aid continues to grow year over year, your support for bursaries will help Canadian law students—who come to Toronto from all over the country—earn their degrees, and then go on to make a lifelong impact in their communities.

To learn more about how you can help deserving law students pursue their dreams, please contact the Assistant Dean of Advancement at the Faculty of Law.