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Build inclusive cities & societies

Systemic racism and other forms of discrimination drive deep social divides that impoverish us all. Join U of T as we help to dismantle barriers and create models for more equitable, diverse, and inclusive cities around the world.

Many of the factors that determine how we’ll be treated in life—where we’re born, our race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and economic background, to name only a few—come down to chance. And as much as we like to think that hard work and determination can overcome any obstacle, the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the murder of George Floyd, have served as stark reminders that our society remains deeply divided. 

In Canada, a further and long overdue reckoning has begun over the oppression and abuse of Indigenous Peoples and the role that educations systems played. 

As the largest post-secondary institution in the country, we know that truth must come before reconciliation and that reflection is meaningless without action. That’s why we’re examining our own practices, policies, and processes and taking concrete steps to strengthen equity, diversity, and inclusion across our three campuses and beyond. 

These include creating pathways for high-school students and new Canadians who face barriers to attending university, financial aid programs, building inclusive spaces, and engaging our vast network of multidisciplinary scholars in world-leading research and teaching on race, gender, and sexual identity to drive social change. 

Our home in one of the world’s most diverse cities provides us with a rare opportunity to develop and share best practices to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity around the world. It’s not just a moral obligation. It’s about excellence. When viewpoints go unchallenged, potential ideas and discoveries remain untapped. 

We have so much more work to do. At this moment when the world is searching for positive change, your support will help us eliminate systemic barriers to build stronger, more inclusive cities and societies, where everyone can thrive.  

Discover how U of T is building inclusive cities & societies

Students conducting a simulated research project.
Fuel the future of Black-led research and scholarship

The Black Research Network is forging connections, amplifying world-changing research and sparking interdisciplinary collaborations between Black scholars.

A young Black man and woman stand on a city balcony and hug each other tightly.
Support families of Black homicide victims

The CRIB is improving the mental, physical, and spiritual health of Black communities disproportionately affected by homicide.

Build a gender-inclusive economy

The Institute for Gender and the Economy brings world-leading research to leaders to help dismantle systemic inequities.

An artist’s drawing of a two-storey, oval building with glass walls on one end. It sits in a garden of birch trees.
Build a cultural space for Indigenous students

Indigenous House at U of T Scarborough will help foster a sense of belonging and connection with rich programming and gathering spaces.

The rainbow pride flag, the maple leaf Canadian flag, and the striped trans flag, all flying from flagpoles on a sunny day.
Improve the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ people

The Queer and Trans Research Lab is breaking down barriers, shattering traditional practices, and empowering community activists.

Two medical students, wearing scrubs and stethoscope, examine a grid of x-ray images.
Strengthen health education in the Eastern GTA

The Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health will train health-care professionals directly in the region.

A young Black woman and man smile as they stand at a podium. A sign above them reads: Black Future Lawyers.
Make law school accessible for everyone

Law Access Bursaries ensure that financial need is not a barrier to fulfilling dreams.

People walk past a concrete shelter, where walls stand between wooden benches. Text carved on the walls reads, New College.
Expand financial aid for students at New College

New College Access Awards ease financial concerns, reward excellence, and allow students to participate in all our smaller community has to offer.

Indigenous women and girls wearing ceremonial regalia laugh as they dance, holding hands.
Support the future of Indigenous research

The Indigenous Research Network connects people and communities to academic, cultural, and spiritual resources.

Five young people wearing nursing scrubs and stethoscopes chat as they exit through the lobby of a building.
Help nurses dismantle systemic discrimination in health care

The Centre for Social Justice in Nursing will integrate equity and inclusiveness in nursing education and on the front lines of patient care.

A crowd of pedestrians cross a busy street where a grassy median divides the opposing lanes of traffic.
Ensure technology serves the public good

The Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society is asking critical questions about new technologies—and bringing diverse experts together to create human-centred solutions.

Help us build inclusive cities & societies

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