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Division of University Advancement
Tel: 416-978-1221
Toll free: 1-800-463-6048

Additional Contact Info

Executive Director, Gift Planning
Tel: 416-978-3846
Toll free: 1-800-463-6048
Fax: 416 946 7574

Estates and Securities Officer
Tel: 416-978-2214
Toll free: 1-800-463-6048

United States
The Associates of the University of Toronto is a volunteer-run organization that helps American alumni and friends stay connected with U of T, and for those who wish, make donations that comply with international tax law.

For information on giving to U of T through the Associates:
Toll free: 1-800-699-1736

Donations may be sent to:
Mr. Gary Kaufman, Treasurer, The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc.
58 West 84th Street, #2F
New York, NY 10024

Hong Kong
The University of Toronto Hong Kong Foundation solicits and receives donations for scholarships, to enable undergraduate students from Hong Kong with financial need to attend the University of Toronto.
Visit the University of Toronto Hong Kong Foundation

United Kingdom
Residents of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are interested in making a gift to the University of Toronto are asked to contact Michelle Woo, Director, Advancement Counsel at the Division of University Advancement:
Tel: 416-946-7066

Corporate and Foundation Relations
Tel: 1-800-463-6048
Fax: 416-978-1474

Alumni Relations, University Advancement
Tel: 416-978-1221
Toll: 1-800-463-6048

Coordinator, Annual and Leadership Giving
Tel: 416-978-4187
Toll: 1-800-463-6048

Director, Donor Relations
Tel: 416-978-3980

Executive Director, Gift Planning
Tel: 416-978-3811

Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Advancement & Alumni Engagement
Tel: 416-978-6150

Alison Sasso
Coordinator, Advancement
Tel: 416-978-6150

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

FIFSW Advancement Office
Tel: 416-978-4437

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Development (Philanthropy) Team
Tel: 416-946-7827

Alumni Relations Team
Tel: 416-978-4274

Faculty of Arts & Science

Office of Advancement, Faculty of Arts & Science

Faculty of Dentistry

Selina Esteves
Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations
Tel: 416-580-2802

Marsha Malcolm
Advancement Coordinator
Tel: 416-864-8200

Julia Al Akaila
Development Officer, Annual and Leadership Giving
Tel: 416-864-8202

Faculty of Information (iSchool)

Chioma Ekpo
Senior Careers & External Outreach Officer
Tel: 416-978-3863

Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

KPE Advancement
Tel: 416-946-5126

Faculty of Law

Advancement & Alumni Relations
Tel: 416-978-1355

Jennifer Lancaster
Assistant Dean, Advancement
Tel: 416-978-2621

Faculty of Music

Office of the Dean
Tel: 416-978-3761

Development and Alumni Relations
Tel: 416-978-3671

Jennifer Bremner
Director, Advancement
Tel: 416-946-3145

John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

Jacqueline Raaflaub
Director of Advancement
Tel: 416-978-1473

Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Advancement Office

Klim A. Khomenko, CFRE
Director of Advancement
Tel: 416-978-7687

Jade Shortte
Advancement Coordinator
Tel: 416-946-7097

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Suryana Thappa
Development Officer, Advancement Office
Tel: 416-946-5554

Susan Drodge
Director of Advancement, Advancement Office
Tel: 416-978-6749

Tara O’Leary
Alumni Relations Manager, Advancement Office
Tel: 416-946-3147

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Sim Kapoor
Director, Advancement & External Relations
Tel: 416-659-8863

Natalie Neumann Butler
Senior Alumni Programs & Donor Relations Officer

Rotman Commerce

Rotman Commerce Advancement Office

Tania Donald
Associate Director, Development

Emily Gong
Development Officer, Leadership and Annual Giving

Rotman School of Management 

Katie R. Rock
Associate Director, Development
tel: 416-946-7842

Rotman Advancement Team
Meet the team here

School of Continuing Studies

Denny Young
Associate Director, Advancement
Tel: 416-978-7226

Benjamin Wood
Development Officer
Tel: 416-946-5300

Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Office of Advancement
Tel: 416-946-3111

University of Toronto Mississauga

UTM Office of Advancement
Tel: 905-828-5214

Andrew Stelmacovich
Executive Director of Advancement
Tel: 905-828-3746

Macarena Sierra
Director of Development
Tel: 905-569-4757

University of Toronto Scarborough

Development and Alumni Relations Office

Lisa Lemon
Executive Director, Development & Alumni Relations
Tel: 416-208-5104

Innis College

Alumni Office
Tel: 416-978-3424

Massey College

Alasdair Hooper
Director of Advancement
Tel: 416-946-7843

New College

Maria Petri
Associate Director, Advancement, New College Advancement Office
Tel: 416-978-0310

Fang Zhang
Assistant to the Principal, Office of the Principal
Tel: 416-978-2461

Brenda Registe
Alumni Development Officer, New College Alumni Office
Tel: 416-978-8273

Trinity College

Office and Development and Alumni Affairs
Tel: 416-978-4071

Naz Hagos
Associate Director, Individual Giving
Tel: 416-946-7426

University College

University College Advancement
Tel: 416-978-3803

University of St Michael’s College

Ana Maria Faria
Director of Development
Tel: 416-926-7279
Toll free: 1-866-238-3339

Ken Schnell
Advancement Manager, Annual Campaigns
Tel: 416-926-7281
Toll free: 1-866-238-3339

Betty Noakes
Advancement Associate, Stewardship
Tel: 416-926-2251
Toll free: 1-866-238-3339

Victoria University

Louise Yearwood
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs & Advancement
Tel: 416-585-4501
Toll free: 1-888-262-9775

Mary Heinmaa
Director of Philanthropy, Alumni Affairs & Advancement
Tel: 416-585-4502
Toll free: 1-888-262-9775

Sharon Gregory
Associate Director, Gift Planning, Alumni Affairs & Advancement
Tel: 416-813-4050
Toll free: 1-888-262-9775

Ruth-Ann MacIntryre
Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving, Alumni Affairs & Advancement
Tel: 416-585-4526
Toll free: 1-888-262-9775

Woodsworth College

Alumni Office
Tel: 416-978-5301

Barbara Track
Executive Director, Advancement, Alumni & Communications
Tel: 416-978-4197

Stephanie Woodside
Alumni Development Officer
Tel: 416-978-5301

Hart House

Hart House Advancement Department
Tel: 416-946-7325

Peter Wambera
Senior Development Officer
Tel: 416-946-3993

University of Toronto Libraries

University of Toronto Libraries Advancement Office

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