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Create a high-tech venue for talented musicians

The Jay Telfer Forum will combine beauty and technology in the heart of the city’s renowned cultural precinct.

In an artist’s illustration, 5 musicians play string instruments on a stage. Behind them, big windows show Toronto at night.

Toronto is among the world’s great centres for music and culture—and the University of Toronto is home to some of its busiest stages, with the Faculty of Music alone mounting over 600 public events in a typical year. The Faculty is now poised to add a dynamic new venue to its roster—one equipped with flexible and technologically advanced infrastructure that can bring thrilling performances to the world through high-quality recordings and livestreams.

We have a once-in-a-century opportunity to create a new, high-tech performance space in the heart of Toronto. I am incredibly excited for our students who will get to hone their skills and launch their careers in this stunning space—and for the audience members who will be dazzled there by this city’s incredible musical talent.

Ellie Hisama, Dean, Faculty of Music

Established through a generous $7-million gift from Ian Telfer and Nancy Burke, the state-of-the-art Forum will be purpose-built for soloists and chamber music groups. The Forum’s design combines beauty and technology, bringing together gorgeous views of downtown Toronto, top-notch acoustics, and incredible digital capabilities all in one place. It will be a spectacular centrepiece for a new building development at 90 Queen’s Park, located in the heart of Toronto’s most renowned cultural precinct.

Once built, the Jay Telfer Forum will be a sparkling addition to Toronto’s music scene. With your support, it will be a place where students experiment and grow, artists share their incredible talents, and audiences enjoy world-class music alongside breathtaking views of a vibrant global city. This is the future of live music.

To learn more about how you can support Toronto’s arts and culture sector through this new venue, please contact the Interim Director of Advancement at the Faculty of Music.