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Create high-impact clean energy solutions

The Climate Positive Energy Initiative unites world-leading scholars with industry, community and government to develop tools that can prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

A person wearing protective gloves adjusts a fastening on a solar panel.

Amid the rising threat of global warming, governments, corporations, and individuals around the world are taking collective action to fight climate change. Clean energy technologies and policies are critical to making a difference, given that 78 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions result from the production and consumption of energy. But to transform societies around the world, clean energy solutions must be just and equitable.

Climate change presents a challenge of incredible breadth—and a tight deadline. Universities have the diversity of expertise with which to lead and respond. The Climate Positive Energy initiative levers U of T’s intellectual strength to reimagine energy systems, and support Canada and the world in a just climate-positive energy transition.

David Sinton, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Climate Positive Energy Initiative will develop high-impact clean energy solutions based on the political, human, and societal factors that pose barriers to reaching emissions targets. More than 100 faculty from multiple disciplines across U of T’s three campuses, along with partners in industry, community, and government are part of this bold initiative.

Whether it’s envisioning decarbonized energy systems, addressing the legal framework for transitioning to renewables in diverse jurisdictions, or driving low-cost, accessible energy solutions for remote communities, U of T scholars are leading in developing a holistic clean energy transition strategy. Your support will help them slow climate change and boost their efforts to ensure equal access to clean technology. By investing in this crucible of talent, you can help create solutions to build a more sustainable future for Canada and the world.

To learn more about how you can support research into climate positive energy solutions, please contact Institutional Strategic Initiatives Advancement.