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Translate Big Data into real-world solutions

The Data Sciences Institute draws actionable and ethical insights from the vast amounts of information collected around the world.

A toddler peers into a virtual reality headset strapped to her head. She is in a room lit with blue light.

The world is in the middle of a data revolution. Data science has the potential to prevent disease before it strikes, precisely model the impacts of carbon emissions on global climate change, image black holes millions of light years away, and provide insights into long-dead languages and civilizations. Realizing this potential, however—generating insights that are actionable, and ethical—requires bringing together world-class scholars from across the data sciences and the many fields they impact.

The Data Sciences Institute has the potential to change the way we do research in every field. With our partnerships across U of T, Toronto, and beyond, we will advance the data sciences in a way that benefits everyone.

Lisa Strug, Director,
Data Sciences Institute

The University of Toronto Data Sciences Institute is doing just that—combining and catalyzing top-ranked experts in computer, information, and statistical sciences, AI & machine learning, mathematics, engineering, the humanities, and more. The Data Sciences Institute is advancing data sciences as a field, powering entirely new areas of inquiry, and preparing the next generation of researchers to make breakthroughs.

With your support, we can harness the globally renowned data science leadership of U of T and its partners to prevent diseases and reverse their effects, unlock our understanding of human history, and build thriving, sustainable cities, creating lasting change in these and other areas once thought beyond our reach.

To learn more about how you can support U of T’s world-leading work in the data sciences, please contact Institutional Strategic Initiatives Advancement.