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Break down barriers to help Black scholars thrive

The Black Research Network is forging connections, helping Black scholars realize their world-changing potential, and dismantling barriers.

Two Black women laugh happily together. Both are wearing scarves in the pan-African colours of green, yellow and red.

Black faculty members have long overcome obstacles as they build networks, publish work, secure funding, obtain mentors, and advance into leadership roles. But significant barriers persist across universities—barriers that are embedded within practices and policies around hiring, mentoring, promotion, teaching, learning, and research.

The Black Research Network will ensure that Black scholars have the support they need to flourish. The network is poised to reduce barriers, spark unprecedented collaborations, and advance Black research globally.

Beth Coleman, Associate Professor of Data & Cities, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology

As part of its ongoing work to dismantle these barriers, the University of Toronto established the Anti-Black Racism Task Force in 2020. The Task Force recommended a central hub to help Black researchers find, connect, support, and collaborate with one another. The Black Research Network (BRN) is doing just that. Led by a dedicated group of Black scholars who are internationally renowned in their fields, the BRN is fostering a sense of community and inclusion among Black scholars at U of T, encouraging interdisciplinary research and promoting engagement opportunities and partnerships.

We have a lot more work to do. Your gift will help us support training that builds research skills; strengthen connections among Black scholars across diverse disciplines; create opportunities for mentorship; and increase the visibility of Black research. Help us build a vibrant network that promotes Black excellence and enhances the research capacity of Black scholars.

To learn more about how you can support the Black Research Network’s efforts to advance world-changing Black scholars, please contact Institutional Strategic Initiatives Advancement.